Alex Setran

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Orlando, Florida, US
Occupation: IT freelancer
Employer: Self-employed
Hi there,

Let me introduce myself. I'm a self-motivated, high energy personality, extremely diverse in the Information Technology field. Technology can be a demanding job, so I like to keep light and professional to meet every objective and protocol. 15+ years in the saturated field hands experience with in and all computer management and top tier desktop support in the tech field, end user needs, along with a minor in web hosting setup LAMP/WAMP using dedicated, VPS, Amazon AWS. Experienced in many service portals and monitoring such as SolarWinds, Labtech (ConnectWise), Service-Now, ZenDesk and Freshdesk. Completely fluent in all versions of Windows, MacOS, Linux - bare bones installing/managing and troubleshooting. Also, well versed in back-end servers and various Virtual Servers/Hypervisors onsite/offsite, and in cloud (AWS,Azure, Alibaba cloud). Additionally, an experienced free-lancer 12+ years in theater production in DMX controls lighting and media specialist in various productions.

Feel free to drop me a note right below for any professional inquiry.