What's the purpose of the contact form in my bio?

Imagine you've just met someone you don't know well. They ask for your contact details and you give them your email or phone number. This information can be abused or shared with others without your permission.

You can now provide them with a link to your bio, where they can message you without ever the visitor accessing your contact information.

How does the contact form work?

When a visitor contacts you through your PlumeBio, we will send that message to your email address. If you decide to reply to that email, the visitor's email address will appear as a recipient. Any communication once you reply will be a normal email interaction between the visitor and you. Please note that once you reply, the visitor will be able to see your email address.

Do visitors need to sign up to message me through the contact form?

They do not. Any visitor can view your PlumeBio and message you without needing to sign up or sign in. We take every precaution so that you only receive messages from genuine people.

How can I leverage my PlumeBio?

Your PlumeBio is the easiest way for others to learn more about you. You can include your PlumeBio link as an email signature, on your business card, and on social media.

Can I change my email after I create my bio page?

To create your bio page, you need to provide a valid email address. This will be the email linked to your bio.

You can always edit your contact email. Your contact email doesn't need to match the email address that you used to register. This is where you will receive your log in codes, and messages from visitors. Note that you always need to type your registration email when you want to log in.

Can I create a corporate bio?

We currently only allow bios of individuals. You can still create a personal bio as an employee of a business.

Can I use other emojis than the ones listed on the formatting section?

Absolutely, the list is only illustrative. You can paste any emoji you want.