Stacy Jo

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Seongnamsi, Gyeonggido, KR
I'm a senior at Harvard University, who has spent most of my life in South Korea. I will graduate next spring with a B.A in Human Evolutionary Biology and a minor in Music. I am also a Harvard-Berklee dual degree student currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Music. I hope to bring together evolutionary biology, music and cognitive neuroscience altogether to study the ways in which our musicality may be inherited or newly formed within the human species from an evolutionary standpoint.
My professional experience includes internships at Mass. Eye and Ear and McLean Hospital, where I pursued research in, respectively, the complications of ear tubes and stem cell therapy in Parkinson's disease. I am currently writing a senior thesis on the co-evolutionary development of voluntary vocal control in domestic dogs and humans.
When I'm not in school, you can catch me on bike-riding, singing, dancing, songwriting or on a foodie's restaurant-crawl. :)